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Thank you for your interest in setting up a Zoom consultation call. This consultation call will be an opportunity for our team to introduce ourselves, our process, and discuss your Design Form and/or inquiry in futher detail.


We strongly encourgage clients to discuss their ideas with their group ahead of the meeting to ensure that we have a productive Zoom call. We encourage clients to only share the Zoom link with the members who will be playing a vital position is overall design concept. In our experience, having many members on the call can reduce the effectiveness of the call.


In the "Add a note" section (shopping cart), please provide us with your full name, email address, brand/organization name, chapter, and several avaiblilities so that we can attempt to best accomendate you schedule. Once payment has been recieved, our team will reach out for confirmation on the time and date, followed by providing you with the official link to our Zoom consultation call. We look forward to connecting with you and the opportunity to help turn your vision into realoty!

Zoom Consultation Call (Nonrefundable) - Read Description*

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